Our Story

How it all started

As a celebrity hairstylist, I have worked coast to coast with over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry helping so many people deal with various hair issues. I have experience with addressing several hair concerns ranging from the healthiest styles to the proper product usage and hair maintenance between salon visits. One question that has been most consistent during a consultation is “What's in your closet?” Is it a personal under cabinet beauty store full of products that seem to be more of décor than giving you healthy hair? Since the perfect style starts with healthy tresses, I have always felt it necessary to educate people on the essentials to achieving radiant hair. More importantly I wanted to ease the frustration by naturally replacing the nutrients and minerals that environmental factors and chemicals have taken away. How can anything be fruitful in a toxic and unstable environment?  I searched the kitchen cabinets and began creating scalp treatments and products to nourish and rebalance the scalp.

The key to preserving the integrity of hair is in creating a sturdy foundation.
With expert techniques and knowledge, healthy hair will never be compromised!
Who says you can’t maximize your styling potential while growing healthy, beautiful tresses? Your hair is your crown and glory, Own It!” - Deidra Chattams, The Hair Artist


Your hair is your crown and glory! Our mission at My Root Therapy is to help get you to a place where beautiful style and healthy hair meet. We encourage people from all backgrounds to embrace their natural textures as well as gain a proper understanding on how to manage hair. We do not make empty promises and guarantee a magic potion that will grow your hair back in 20 minutes or next week because the truth is the change has to start with you.  Preserving the integrity of hair is a balance of lifestyle, good exercise, healthy diet partnered with natural products to create a balanced scalp.  Healthy hair is systematic and a lifestyle commitment toward a healthier you!

We are excited to start this journey of healthier hair with you. We hope you are too! Come on, let’s get down to the roots!

-Deidra Chattams My Root Therapy Multi Textural Hair Care System