Meet Deidra

Diedra Chattams/ Photo by Hashim LafondDeidra Chattams is a celebrity stylist from Dayton, Ohio who's been in love with the elements of hair her entire life.

She understands the technology of hair restoration and will continue to master her craft. She loves constructing facial and cranial prosthesis for cancer patients and those with other terminal illnesses. Her illuminating spirit and driven personality caused her to generate lots of buzz amongst the Black Hollywood scene and she is looking to serve anyone who strives for thick, radiant healthy hair.In 2011, Deidra gained exposure after a video of her signature design, Hair Tattoos featuring a braided self-portrait, went viral on Youtube. She became known as "The Hair Artist" creating hairstyles ranging from fashion-forward to simple and chic. Deidra felt it imperative to educate others on the principles of preserving the integrity of their own hair and is now driven with her passion for creating a plant-based hydrating hair care system formulated to restore natural hair textures and stimulate hair growth.

Deidra uses her spare time sharing her gifts of styling with various organizations that provide hair and beauty services for the community including haircuts and styles for at-risk children going back to school, homeless centers, domestic violence facilities, drug treatment programs and those with cancer and other terminal illnesses.  

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