hair textures

What is natural or textured hair?

Natural hair is hair whose original shaft hasn't been altered by chemicals including permanent color, relaxers and texturizers. Often permanent hair color doesn’t disturb the hair texture but too much direct thermal heat can flatten curlier textures. Natural hair characteristics include many growth patterns and textures ranging from straight to coily or wooly. Textures with curlier patterns are often referred to as afros or natural hair. Moreover, with natural hair, there's no "one size fits all" when it comes to texture and growth patterns. In general, naturally textured hair ranges from wavy to kinky-coily to wooly, with a broad range of variation between the two.


Natural vs artificial shine what’s the big difference????

The cuticle of the hair is the outside protective layer of a hair shaft. Visualize how the shingles overlap on a roof top this resembles the cuticle. The harden keratin scales of the cuticle overlap to lock moisture within the cortex layer that protects the brain of the hair called the medulla. When the cuticle layer is healthy and strong, light it will reflect a natural shine from cortex with out any oils. Oils can be used to artificially boost shine but should be used in moderation since it also attracts lint and dirt. Oils only coat the cuticle and will not penetrate the shaft. 


Does oil moisturize my hair?

My rule of thumb! Conditioners hydrate the hair and oils moisturize the scalp. Your hair is dead, this why you technically can feel no pain with cutting, humectants and other agents cause the cuticle or shaft to swell to deposit minerals to the cortex. Oil however, coats the cuticle and doesn’t penetrate the shaft but act as a barrier from nature and outside elements. Just like greasy dishes repels water, oil repels anything from penetrating the shaft yet attracts more dirt and/or lint from the air.


What makes my hair so dry?

Many factors lead to dry hair such as chemicals, shampooing too often, environment, alcohol based products, build up but most importantly your diet. The hair is an outer extension of your nervous system. Coily textures often appear dry because the natural oils from the scalp have a longer journey down the shaft to coat the cuticle and protect the ends. Hydrating conditioners are great moisturizers for a natural shine.


What’s the best method of detangling?

Its recommended that detangling should be done prior to wetting hair. When the hydrogen bonds are broken down with water the hair shaft is weaker and can easily snap. Try to detangle hair from the ends and work up to the root. This technique will minimize tangles in the hair that will cause breakage.